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Cleaning with Vinegar

12th Sep 12

Vinegar: The Cleaner’s Best Friend
People have been using vinegar to clean their houses since time immemorial! It may taste good on your fish and chips; it may add a little bit of panache to a bland dish, but surely its crowning achievement is being the most effective household cleaning product this side of hydrogen peroxide. And it’s not only useful in the kitchen.
Vinegar really is the ‘every man’ cleaning product that manages to avoid both of the flaws that you’ll encounter when pottering around the house with your bleaches and sprays. Vinegar is;

a.)    Not expensive

b.)    Not toxic

You often come across one of these without the other, but there are very few strong products that are safe and cheap. The repertoire of vinegar includes such talents as;
·         Sticker Goo
o   We’ve all had the horrible experience of peeling a sticker off and finding an insubordinate residue left behind to haunt our furniture and appliances. Trigger happy children often slap stickers to various parts of the house, and you have to resign yourself to picking them off over a long period of time. Vinegar puts an end to that debacle in an instant. Well, in ten minutes really; vinegar sprayed onto the offending area and left for ten minutes will eat into the glue and make it incredibly easy to wipe off.

·         Microwave Ovens

o   The insides of our microwaves are often an embarrassing reminder of how messy and lazy we can be. It comes down to the awkwardness of being able to clean the inside walls of a microwave, and we often just abandon it to the popping of beans and spaghetti.    If you combine ¼ pint of vinegar with ½ of water into a bowl, and then microwave the concoction until it boils, you’d be surprised at the results. Firstly, the stale smell of food will be eradicated by the acidic vapour of the vinegar. Secondly, the same vapour will permeate those spaghetti caked walls and make scraping off that food a huge amount easier. Now you have no excuse!

·         Mould, Mildew and Miscreants

o   Expanding upon the acidity of vinegar; as a general rule you can assume that most animals don’t like the smell. This means you can prevent cats from scratching your furniture by spraying it on, stop dogs from climbing up onto your sofa when you’re not around and even deter ants from sneaking into your home. The theory carries over into the smaller world of mould and mildew, bacteria can’t stand vinegar and it’s a good, effective way to kill any colonies. This means that a mixture of vinegar and water will make a great weapon to scrub away all of that bathroom build-up, but it also makes the perfect surface cleanser in the kitchen. Wiping baby’s cutlery, bibs and trays with vinegar is the perfect way to ensure that you’re using a safe chemical and keeping them clean.

·         Windows, Mirrors and Glass

o   There are a lot of expensive glass cleaners that you can buy today, with flash names and shiny bottles; but what’s wrong with vinegar? Mixing equal parts of the wonder condiment with water will make a great cleaning agent for glass. A trick that you might hear your grandparents use is to combine the vinegar cleaning with newspaper; it makes a great alternative to materials which can leave smear marks on glass.
The list for the uses of vinegar goes far beyond what we’ve covered here. You can find out a comprehensive list of its uses by visiting the experts of distilled vinegar. One thing we didn’t cover was theeffect that vinegar has on spilled coffee. Do you want to take a guess?

That’s right; it makes coffee stains run away like little girls!


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